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Green Ganesha

Our objectives:

  1. Generating awareness about eco-friendly Ganesha's that people can opt for..
  2. Telling people where they can source the Ganesh idols from
  3. Creating a group of like-minded people who can help create more events like these and help in conservation efforts
  4. Creating more awareness about recycling, reusing and reducing waste How we intend to achieve these goals....through exhibitions, workshops, streetplays and discussions, competitions for eco-friendly Ganesh Mandals etc...

Most of the activities will be concentrated in Navi Mumbai and some parts of Mumbai like Mulund.. We are organising Streetplay competitions for Collegians and Ganesh mandal groups towards August end.Colleges please contact on our mobile numbers. We also have a travelling exhibition of eco-friendly Ganesh idols and a workshop where we'll teach how to make a Ganesh idol out of clay. Any interested groups can invite us to your area where we will help promote the alternatives to Plaster of Paris Ganesh idols.

Will keep you all posted about this event..


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